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Buying Local is Easy

Add your Canadian-made Products and Places to Buy them.



Buying Local is Easy.



A showcase of independently owned businesses that make products across Canada. Discover Clothing, Cosmetics, Skincare & Haircare, Specialty Foods & Beverages, Fine Jewelry, Handcrafted Furniture & Home Decor, Upcycled, Eco-Friendly, Natural alternatives and more!

Places to Buy Local

Places to Buy

Places to Buy includes a wide variety of locations where you can shop in person for the locally-made Products showcased on Made Local. Retail & Grocery Stores, Salons, Wineries, Restaurants…discover surprising supporters of the Buy Local movement!

Listing Guidelines

Listing Guidelines

Is your business a fit for Made Local? Our listings are in the hands of the Makers, so if you own a Place that carries locally-made products, have a chat with your Made Local Product suppliers to get in on the action.

Social Sharing

Co-operative Advertising

Advertising co-operatively saves time, money and energy. There is power in numbers - we market the Made Local message and share your brand to expand your reach far beyond your brand's networks.

Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising

We target social media and search engine advertising to the demographics that show the most interest and to the geographic areas where Made Local Products are available.
Made Local

Brand Building

Building a brand through co-operative advertising begins to level the playing field for small producers with limited budgets and market reach.
Choices Make a Difference

Awareness & Information

Raising awareness on the value of Buying Local. Collecting and providing information on the power of buying local and how it can have transformative effects on local economies.

What’s New at Made Local?

  Summer is upon us, the markets are open, locally-grown food is about to show up in abundance...this is arguably the best season for buying local. Why not hook up your business with a Made Local listing? There's a pretty great deal going on right now where you...
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It’s all about the Makers: New Format, New Pricing…Easy.

A bit of background... The first iteration of was having regional sites with listings for locally-made products, places to buy them and ads for independently-owned business service providers with a social network. The idea was to bring together all...
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Growing Pains and Gaining Clarity

  Right? Maybe not ten years, but that's how it goes for just about any creative venture or startup. Most people don't get what goes on behind the scenes, nor do they have a clue about the long road it took to get to where you are today. This blog post is to say...
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New Year, New Approach

Over the holiday season, taking time to rest, regroup and plan for the New Year, we've taken a good, hard look at how Made Local can make a growing impact in the Buy Local movement. Shopping habits are slow to change, as are general behaviours and ways of thinking...
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The Many Uses of MadeLocalApp: Thinking Bigger.

Most people think of craft fairs and farmers markets when it comes to buying local. Of course many artisans have gotten their start at markets or fairs, and many continue to focus on them as their primary mode of distribution, augmented by their own online stores or...
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Buying local is easy.

Discover what is made locally and where to buy local anywhere in Canada (USA site coming soon). Browse the Products section for independently owned businesses of Makers, Artisans, Producers and Manufacturers. Search the Places to Buy section for where to get their products.

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Convenience is important in a busy world.

Made Local aims to grow the Buy Local movement and encourage greater availability of Local Products in Local Places.

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